Thanks Giving at home 2019
Nov 28 2018 – Nov 28 2019 all-day

Italianissimo’s, Thanksgiving Dinner at Home 2019

$299,00 + tax, Serves 12 to 15 people

18 to 20 lbs turkey roasted to perfection

1 try manicottis ragu sauce

1 /2 try sweet potatoes honey butter demi – glaze

8 baked artichokes Sicilian style

1/2 try stuffed mushrooms

1/2 try broccoli garlic and oil

1/2 try stuffing with chestnuts and sausage

Turkey gravy and cranberries sauce

1 focaccia

1 apple and 1 pumpkin pie

Easter Sunday, a day with family at Italianissimo Ristorante
Apr 21 all-day

$49.00 per person

4 course dinner

Seatings: 12:30  1:30  2:30  3:30  4:30 5:30 6:30


Eggplant rollatine

Fresh burrata mozzarella and Sicilian caponata 

Baked artichoke

Trippa, potatoes and vegetables

Baked clams


Spring salad and vinaigrette marinated steamed asparagus goat cheese

Broccoli rabe and sausage

Ravioli de pascua 

(mascarpone cheese, tomato & basil)

Rigatoni bolognese

Linguini with shrimp, mussels oil & garlic 


Brazed short ribs  

Grilled lamb chops 

Roasted branzino, lemon sauce, fresh herbs  

Chicken parmigiana 

Chicken française

Lamb ossobuco 

Rabbit a la cacciatore 

All entrees served with potatoes croquets and vegetables of the season

Coffee or tea 

Assorted desserts 

Children’s Menu $27.00


Mozzarella in carrozza and rice ball


Cheese raviolis 


Chicken française

Chicken fingers

Mothers Day @ italianissimo Ristorante
May 12 all-day

$49.00 per adult, $29.00 per child


12:00   1:00 pm   2:00pm   3:30pm   4:30pm   5:30pm   6:30pm

First Course

Baked artichoke 

Eggplant rollatine

Fresh burrata mozzarella and prosciutto cotto

Baked clams 

 Shrimps cocktail

Second Course

Spring salad, vinaigrette marinated steamed asparagus and goat cheese

Penne bolognese

Butternuts squash ravioli and mascarpone cheese

Spaghetti mussels and shrimps oil and garlic

Rigatoni Sunday sauce

Main Course 

Grilled  lamb chops

Breast of chicken francaise 

Angus steak, porcini sauce  

Lamb osso buco

Kansas City Pork chop brocoli rabe and cherry peppers 

Roasted file of branzino fresh herbs lemon sauce 

Pan seared salmon 

All entrees with vegetables of the season and potatoes croquets 

 Coffee or tea and choice of assorted desserts

Children’s menu 

Mozzarella in carrozza and rice balls

Cheese ravioli marinara sauce

Chicken parmigiana

Chicken fingers & french fries 

Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your dinner at ITALIANISSIMO. We thank  You MOM  very much!

Fathers Day @ italianissimo
Jun 16 @ 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

$51.00 per person


Burrata mozzarella, tomatoes  and genoa salami 

Stuffed mushrooms , and manchego cheese

Octopus al olio de oliva and parmesan cheese

Baked clams

Shrimps  cocktail

Baked artichokes


Rigatoni Sunday sauce

Cheese ravioli, butter glace over marinara sauce 

Penne bolognese

Linguini white clams sauce 

Cesar salad


Grilled angus steak 

Kansas city pork chop, shitaky mushrooms sauce

 Chicken française  

Veal ossobuco 

1 1/4 lobster and calamari marinara

Branzino, lemon butter sauce and fresh herbs

All entrees served with Rice ball and vegetables of the season

coffee or tea

assorted desserts

Children’s Menu $29.00  


Mozzarella in carrozza and rice ball


Penne vodka


Chicken française

Chicken fingers

Thanks Giving 2019 @ italianissimo Ristorante
Nov 28 all-day

  $ 52.00 per person plus tax and gratuity:

Thanksgiving Day, November 28 2019

First course

Baked artichoke     

Octopus and Sicilian caponata , balsamic demi glaze

Fresh burrata, honey truffle infused and prosciutto

Panzerottis (4 pcs)

Baked clams

Second course

Honey glazed sweet potatoes gnocchi

Lentils soup with diced turkey

Penne with bolognese sauce

Butternut squash ravioli, butter glazed, shredded parmesan cheese

Spring mixed salad, asparagus vinaigrette

Main course

Grilled black angus steak

Traditional roasted turkey, chestnut sausage stuffing

Veal scaloppini marsala

Lamb ossobucco

Breast of chicken francaise 

 Bronzino, lemon butter sauce and cappers


Coffee or tea

Assorted desserts

                                             Kids $29.99

                                     Mozzarella in carrozza and potatoes croquets 

Second course

Cheese ravioli marinara

Penne vodka sauce

  • Main course

Traditional roasted turkey

Breast of chicken parmigiana

Valentines Day
Feb 14 all-day

       February, 14 2020
Special Dinner $75.00 pp


Champagne, Pomegranate royale or Chocolate martini

Choice of one:

Fresh burrata mozzarella, tomatoes and corn aged balsamic spread
Grilled octopus over roasted beets and avocado citrus salad
Baked artichokes
Oysters, passion fruit, tequila(casa amigos) shooters
💝 💝 💝
Butternuts squash raviolis
(Fresh home made, butter glazed over tomato sauce)

Rigatoni bolognese

💝 💝 💝
Romeo and Juliet
(Filet mignon and lobster tail melted butter)

Roasted Chilean sea bass
(Champagne sauce and grapes)

Boneless breast of chicken cordon bleu
(Porcine, black truffle risotto)

Grilled New Zealand lamb chops

Espresso,Coffee,Tea or Cappuccino

Choice of Dessert

Carnevale 2020
Feb 25 @ 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Italianissimo’s Carnevale February 25, 2020

Celebrate the beginning of Lent with us, and pre Easter! It has been a tradition of Italianissimo Ristorante; a night that is filled with great food and magnificent entertainment. Party and dance with our guest Francesca Cavlieri, along with the best samba dancers in the world from Brazil.

The person with the best mask will receive a prize! Let’s party both Italian, and Brazilian style. The price for the night is $65 per person, plus tax and gratuity. This will include three courses and wine! Dinner will be served from 2 to 11pm, while the show and party will last from 7 to 11pm. The Pure Samba showtimes are from 8:45 to 9:30pm.

Franco Ortega

Appetizers choice

Prosciutto de Parma and fresh burrata Napoletana

Spanish octopus and pancetta toasted over arugula and tomatoes

Shrimps and clams New Orlean style

Lamb chops, balsamic mint jelly demi glace

Main course choices 

Short rib pan braised, on a vegetables ragu

Pork chop valdostano

New Orlean cajun Angus steak

1/2 roasted boneless chicken, fresh sage and Chambord reduction

Brased Norwegian salmon butter lemon sauce

Shrimps and fettuccine Diavolo sauce

Entrees served with Vegetables of the season and mashed potatoes.


Chocolate cake and cannoli with mixed berries spread.


Easter Sunday, A Family Tradition At Italianissimo @ Italianissimo Ristorante Cafe Bar
Apr 12 @ 12:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Easter Sunday

 $ 53.99 per adult $31.99 per child


1:00pm    2:00pm    3:30pm    4:30pm    5:30pm    6:30pm

First course

Baked artichoke

Eggplant rollatine

Burrata mozzarella and prosciutto

Baked clams oreganata

Fried calamari

Second course

Butternut squash ravioli butter glazed over tomato sauce

Spaghetti clams sauce 

Rigatoni amatriciana 

Chefs spring salad and asparagus 

Main course

Veal pizzaiola

Grilled baby lamb chops

Seared Angus steak

Breast of chicken piccata and capers

Cod fish livorneise

Roasted salmon blood orange citrus glazed  

All entrees served with

Fresh vegetables and potato croquettes

Coffee or tea

Assorted desserts

Children’s menu

Mozzarella in carrozza and panzarotti

Penne with meatballs

Cheese ravioli with marinara sauce

Chicken fracaise

Chicken fingers and French fries