Mother’s Day 2017

May 14, 2017 @ 7:12 pm

$55.00 per adult, $32.00 per child
1:00 pm 2:00pm 3:30pm 4:30pm 5:30pm 6:30pm

First Course
Baked artichoke
Eggplant rollatine
Burrata mozzarella and prosciutto de parma
Baked clams oreganata
French beans and shrimps salad

Second Course
Spring salad and vinaigrette marinated asparagus and goat cheese
Penne bolognese
Ravioli butternut squash over tomato sauce
Spaghetti white clams sauce

Main Course

Grilled lamb chops
Breast of chicken valdostano
Grilled angus shell steak
Lobster tail marinara
Halibut oreganato
Pan seared wild salmon, orange demi glace
All entrees with vegetables of the season and rice ball

Coffee or tea and assorted desserts

Children’s menu

Mozzarella en carrozza and rice balls

Cheese ravioli marinara sauce

Chicken parmigiana
Chicken fingers & french fries

Happy Mother’s Day!
Enjoy your dinner at ITALIANISSIMO.
We thank you very much!